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Our Local Businesses

Cascapedia Entreprises

Small engine sale and repair in ATVs, snow mobiles, lawn mowers and more.


247 Route 299
Cascapedia-St-Jules, Quebec
G0C 1T0
Dennis Barter


Cascapedia Smokehouse


Smokehouse specializing in the retail and wholesale of smoked products. Very high-quality cold-smoked trout and salmon with unique flavours made using traditional methods that have been in this family for four generations. Certified local products.


70 Route Gallagher
Cascapedia-St-Jules, Quebec
G0C 1T0
Jerry Legouffe


Cascapedia Society


The Cascapedia Society is managing the Cascapedia river and is proud to promote catch and release



275 Route 299
Cascapedia-St-Jules, Quebec
G0C 1T0


A&R Decorations

A family owned company for over 25 years, A&R Decorations specializes in hand made wood and brush crafts.


166 Rte 299
Cascapedia-St-Jules, Quebec
G0C 1T0
Russell Campbell & Dorothy MacWhirter


Cascapedia River Museum

The museum has a permanent exhibition, documentation centre, a gift shop, the Lady Amherst Tea Room and the Atlantic Salmon Interpretation Centre.

275 Route 299

Cascapedia-St-Jules, Quebec

G0C 1T0

Julie Schlie



Le Ole' Corner Store

Le Ole' Corner Store is a convenience store and café offering a daily lunch menu as well as a variety of sandwiches and baked goods.  



1 Route McKay
Cascapedia-St-Jules, Quebec
G0C 1T0


H&S Income Tax Services

With over 35 years of experience, H&S Income Tax Services is at your disposal to provide fast, accurate and personalized Federal and Provincial returns.




20 Harrison

Cascapedia-St-Jules, Quebec

G0C 1T0

Donna Harrison & Louis Sexton



La Maison de l'Érable

La Maison de l’Érable is a family business focused on the production of maple syrup in barrels.


Route 299 (kilomètre 16,5),

Cascapédia-Saint-Jules, Québec 

G0C 1T0

Jeannot LeBlanc

418 392-6477


Hilltop Health and Wellness

Different Energy Healing treatments and Cayce Reilly massage therapy.

355 Route 299

Cascapedia-St-Jules, Quebec

G0C 1T0

Roger Roy


business card (ENGLISH).png

Sexton & Sexton


Established in the early 1990s, Sexton and Sexton is a family-owned business in place to serve people from all corners of the fishing community who come to our beautiful region.


282 Route 299

Cascapedia-St-Jules, Quebec

G0C 1T0

Evan Sexton


Tipsy Canoe Designs


Owned by Caitlin Barter, Tipsy Canoe Designs tells the stories of the people and places of a small town through functional artwork, including clothing with a Gaspesian influence. Shirts, paddles, earrings, paddle hangers and other designs can be found in her shop.

266 Route 299
Cascapedia-St-Jules, Quebec
G0C 1T0
Caitlin Barter



Specialized in landscape design and horticulture, Cascabella designs plans, creates flower pots and offers consulting services for the choice and maintenance of your flowers, plants, shrubs and trees.



248 Route 299
Cascapedia-St-Jules, Quebec
G0C 1T0
Caroline Hardy & Francis Poirier



Massothérapie Énergitique



Improve your health through simple and natural methods while improving your inner well-being

Carole Brouillette

Cascapédia-St-Jules, G0C 1T0
Tél: 418-759-3331

Carole B logo.jpg
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